The Faithlife Study Bible has it all.

The FSB is always growing with more study notes, rich media, Bible dictionary articles, and more.

  • Translations
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  • Lexham English Bible
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The FSB notes are based on the underlying original languages of the Bible; therefore, they’re compatible with several of the most popular English translations. All translations other than the LEB are sold separately.


Layers of Notes

Explore cascading layers of insightful content, from basic introductions to deep notes and commentary.

  • Layer 1

    Notes and introductions for quick insight and overview.

  • Layer 2

    Dig deeper with expanded notes, media, language helps, and more.

  • Layer 3

    In-depth articles, the Lexham Bible Dictionary, and links to an external library (sold separately).


Works Anywhere

You can read the FSB in the FSB app, Logos Bible Software, Vyrso, or online at Biblia.com. It works with all these devices, so you can dig deeper, anywhere:

  • Mac
  • PC
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Web
  • Logos
  • Vyrso
Rich Media

Rich Media

Stunning images, videos, and infographics of biblical places and artifacts.

  • Photos

    See over 240 shots of biblical locales, including Israel, Greece, and Turkey.

  • Videos

    Visit the setting of the Bible with over 35 videos.

  • Infographics

    Visualize biblical information with over 120 infographics, timelines, and tables.

Lexham Bible Dictionary

Lexham Bible Dictionary

The LBD expounds upon the text with 3,200,000+ words from more than 400 contributors.

  • 6,000+ Articles

    The LBD offers perceptive details on thousands of topics, and new articles are constantly being written.

  • 3,200,000+ Words

    It’s in-depth and thorough, with more content being added every year.

  • Unbound and Unlimited

    Its digital format allows contributors to write as much as they want. Scholars will revisit existing articles, as new discoveries, controversies, and conversations demand fresh perspective.

Lexham English Bible

Lexham English Bible

This highly literal translation is an ideal second Bible. Its transparent presentation of the original text sets the LEB apart from any other English translation. The LEB rarely departs from the flow of the original text, and words added to maintain English grammar are explicitly marked. It’s easy to compare the LEB to original language texts. And even though it’s highly literal, the LEB is still clear and suitable for teaching, preaching, and Bible study.

Community Notes

Community Notes

Faithlife Community Notes make it easy to share thoughts on FSB passages.

  • Your Groups

    When you make a Community Note, you can choose which of your Faithlife groups can see it.

  • Churches

    Make a note on the passage you read Sunday morning, and discuss it with your small group Thursday night.

  • Schools

    Share questions and comments on doctrinal passages with other students in your class.

Reading Plans

Reading Plans

Keep in step with your study group by sharing reading plans on the FSB.

  • Set a Plan

    Read the whole Bible in a year, a chapter of Proverbs every day for a month, or whatever you choose.

  • Share It

    You can share a reading plan with your Faithlife groups, so everyone stays on the same page.

  • Keep Up

    The FSB helps you stay on track by reminding you and your group what to read today.



The FSB comes with several devotionals, so you have new Scripture to meditate on day by day.

  • Connect the Testaments:
    A Daily Devotional

    Developed specifically for the Faithlife Study Bible, Connect the Testaments walks you through the Bible with daily devotions for seven days a week.

  • Morning and Evening: Daily Readings

    Charles Spurgeon’s 732-devotion classic suggests devotions based on the date and time of your computer or device.

Smart Searches

Smart Searches

The Faithlife Study Bible is from the makers of Logos Bible Software, so its search capabilities are second to none.

  • Search the FSB

    Enter a passage reference and hit “Go.”

  • Find Cool Media

    Check out the videos, infographics, maps, photos, and more when you search FSB resources.

  • History and Favorites

    Look back on what you’ve already read, or pick up where you left off.

  • Find Anything Else

    Enter a topic into the search bar, and the FSB will hunt down related articles and media.



Mark Bible verses and study notes with over 80 colors and symbols.

  • 9 highlight colors

  • 15 text colors

  • 25+ markups

  • 30+ color symbols

Coming Soon

Shared Documents

With Shared Documents, it’s easy to share big chunks of information with your groups. Upload a document to your group and everyone will get it instantly. You’ll collaborate on projects remotely, getting more done, faster. Share:

  • Worship lyrics
  • Discussion questions
  • Sermon notes
  • Spreadsheets
  • And more!